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amazon breezelike hair b for detangling wide this wooden wide tooth detangling b is made with natural fragrant green sandalwood handmade smooth and seamless easy to detangle thick long curly hair around 7 1" long finger detangling – how to go b free for natural i am the ultimate minimalist if i could find one product that washed conditioned and styled my hair all in one i would be a happy girl while you may never be able to have just one product in your bathroom cabinet for your entire regimen you could at least work on eliminating a few tools such as the b and brush natural hair care tips for type 4 curls for new and experienced curlies it can often be difficult to develop a hair care regimen that is beneficial to the needs of your hair there are so many resources available to gather information from and making sense of everything can be a huge task women with type 4 hair can often find it going b free for long hair natural hair care growing up i was that kid who did her homework first took weekly dance classes read teen magazines cover to cover then changed hair styles and nail polish almost everyday or every other day regrow hair with a b and brush 14 ments good good to hear this havin my recently lost hair regrowing exciting to have ideas share newman said on january 26 2007 some of these tips are confusing especially of with the brushing some pictures of the different type of brushes to use would help and some step by step pictures of the processes 6 ways to determine hair type wikihow how to determine hair type determining your hair type will help you figure out how to handle cut and style your hair more effectively hair type involves understanding different qualities of your hair including density texture home reme s for hair care treatment & cure natural hair is formed in minute pockets in the skin known as follicles an up growth at the base of the follicle called papilla produces hair hair is made up of keratin a type of protein .

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