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10 Best ideas about Green Hair Colors on Pinterest

10 Best ideas about Green Hair Colors on Pinterest source www.pinterest.com

how to dye your hair green 13 steps with how to dye your hair green whether it s for a halloween costume a play or musical or simply because you love the color dyeing your hair green can be hard to achieve and maintain but with the right prep and attention to detail you ll can i put red or purple hair dye over bluish green hair to i then proceeded to dye it blue with manic panic after midnight blue dark dark blue and it turned out very dull and teal green in some parts i was wondering if i could it purple without having to dye my hair again can i add red to mix with the blue to purple will the red dye and greenish color of my hair counteract and make a yucky brown could i just put purple or dye over it can i dye over green tinted hair to fix it 5 replies i am a student in cosmetology all you need to do is find a demi permanent hair color with an orange red base think of the color wheel you have green tinted hair so you must balance it out with a red orange base my hair timeline working my way around the color i also wait for my colors to fade and then put on a color close to my old one that way i move around the color wheel i started out with waist length never been colored jet black ultra thick wavy hair what color will i if i put green hair dye over my blue i dye my hair black with manic panic raven and it fades to this silvery blue turquoise color so what will happen if i put electric lizard green on top covering teal hair this will damage your hair so much if you do it but strip it then dye it back to the color it was your hair will probably dry out a lot and might a lot of breakage too colour theory for hair dyeing haircrazy a friend of mine currently has bright red hair but wants to eventually change her hair colour to green she could let the red wash out and then dye over that with green but chances are that there would be so much red left over that the result would either be brown or greenish brown a more gradual change would most likely result in a better final colour it’s much easier to cover one colour .

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