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Natural Hair Tutorial

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6 tips for softer natural hair ok my hair extremely dry it natural but all l do is plait it wash and put a wig on i want to wear the loose wavy curls not sure what products i want to wear the loose wavy curls not sure what products my big fat afro how to soften hard natural hair natural hair needs all the moisture it can so reducing your shampooing will help you retain moisture and keep your hair soft deep conditiong dc even if you co wash regularly it is important to deep condition regualrly too both moisture and protein 3 effective ways to make your hair soft and silky wikihow gelatin can also help to make your hair soft and silky to restore protein to your hair mix one tablespoon of unflavored gelatin and one tablespoon of warm water then apply the mixture to your hair leave the mixture on your hair for about 10 minutes and then rinse it out how to make natural hair soft all day & everyday 4c hair igbocurls hi loves the most asked question i receive almost on a daily basis is how i manage my natural hair how do i keep it soft how do i keep it healthy and more how to make your hair soft naturally without relaxer the coconut milk treatment is the second method that you can use to make your hair soft naturally it is also done with ingre nts that are readily available in most homes you will need such ingre nts as 4 secrets to super soft natural hair bglh marketplace i could never understand why my hair felt rough even after trying a variety of shampoos and conditioners many of them were well know organic products i even tried cleansing conditioners nothing caused my hair to feel as soft and moisturized as pre‐pooing at least 3x a month i now have soft healthy natural hair how to make natural coarse hair curly maximum hold spray can be very drying and can cause coarse hair to look crispy you ll achieve a softer natural look with flexible hold you ll achieve a softer natural look with flexible hold curl your entire head in the same manner .


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