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how to straighten natural hair without damage products to straighten natural hair without chemicals looking for products to straighten natural hair without chemicals may seem confusing at first but fear not there are several products available that help relax curls without using chemicals if you’re going to be using a flat iron or hair dryer look for a heat protectant that contains a high amount of silicone silicone holds up to heat very well which is why it makes such an excellent protectant how to straighten natural hair most effective methods you will learn how to straighten natural hair without heat or with it how to straighten natural black hair how to straighten natural short hair and many other secrets contents 1 method 1 non damaging ways to straighten hair pulling your strands straight with a brush under the punishing heat of a hair dryer or clamping down on locks with the sizzling press of a flat iron can be a recipe for breakage and lackluster tresses smoothing waves into sleek strands can be done with the right products and techniques that are kinder to your mane how to straighten natural hair the safe way i want to share my straightening routine which shows how i take my natural hair from super curly to bone straight in this video i show how i blow dry flat iron and silk wrap my natural hair plus i give tips as well as things to avoid when trying to natural hair on straight fleek enjoy quiz test your hair straightening smarts webmd the only way to straighten your hair without causing damage is by using special shampoos or styling products these products may smooth frizz and soften curls but they probably won t give you finally a way to straighten your daughter s hair without when i met eight year old calissa allison and seven year old ta niya davis behind the scenes of the african pride dream kids video shoot the first thing i noticed was the two girls’ excitement in straightening their naturally curly hair much to my surprise their moms watched on pletely the safest way to chemically straighten hair some might say that there is no safe way to chemically straighten hair and this might have been true back in the days of relaxers that used harsh chemicals such as lye to reduce unwanted curls however hair salons of the 21st century use more advanced forms of chemical straightening designed to give clients desired results without the resultant hair damage .

CURLY TO STRAIGHT: No Frizz, No Heat Damage!

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