53 Fabulous Models Of My Natural Hair Won T Curl

My hair won t stay curly BabyGaga

My hair won t stay curly BabyGaga source center.babygaga.com

help my hair won t curl hi guys i want to change things up a bit while having the cutest hair styles may be the goal for some but what about the times when you need a little bit why your hair won t keep its curl goodhousekeeping "day old hair is ideal because your hair s natural oils make it more adaptable " says justin anderson creative director of dphue simply put slightly oily hair will hold a curl much better than what to do when your hair won t curl always be sure to explain and municate your hair goals to your hairstylist if you’d like to keep it long but don t want too many layers talk to your stylist about a cut that ll help you keep the curl definition you love no curl pattern did stretching my natural hair damage it hair typing how i damaged my hair & does my hair curl does stretching your hair damage it subscribe for more how i defined my curls s 4 tips to help revive your curl pattern ebony eventually you may even realize that your curl pattern is pletely damaged or that your hair won’t curl at all the good thing is there’s a solution to this mon issue that affects many 4 reasons your curls won t stay my hair is thick i don t know my hair type just know it s pretty curly and it s usually very humid where i live answer there are multiple reasons why you have frizz or lose curl definition over time help my hair won t curl my hair is extremely stubborn and won t curl it could be that my curling iron does not hot enough but i don t think that s it i m african american btw .


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