45 Unique Pictures Of Low Porosity Natural Hair Regimen

Natural Hair Care Regimen Approved for Low Porosity Hair

Natural Hair Care Regimen Approved for Low Porosity Hair source misscoilyhair.com

how to moisturize low porosity hair as much as we try to deny it natural hair is a science people throw around terms like ph dew points and porosity on the regular my hair has low porosity [yes one of those scientific terms again ] and understanding porosity was a major breakthrough in my hair regimen what is low porosity the 5 best oils for low porosity natural hair hair porosity is how well hair is able to absorb and hold onto moisture there is low medium and high and all three affect your hair more than knowing your hair s type proper hair care routine for low porosity hair hair porosity is the term for the hair’s ability to absorb moisture styling products or chemical treatments there are three degrees of hair porosity high medium normal and low how to deep condition low porosity hair natural hair care when you new furniture applying scotch guard will keep spills and liquid from soaking into it having low porosity hair is equivalent to having scotch guard on your hair as low porosity doesn’t absorb moisture the way high porosity hair does hair porosity natural hair rules this explains it well but i’m still confused as to what hair porosity i have is it possible to have both low and high my hair is relaxed and the part that’s grown out up to about my ears is extremely dry and frizzy how to care for low medium and high porosity hair plus the truth is people with the same exact curl pattern may have hair that behaves extremely differently this is often due to another important but less visible characteristic of hair called porosity type 4 naturals switch hair routines type 4 naturals switch hair routines does products matter 4c vs 4b low porosity wash day i did a collab with lawinter aka latoya check out her video below .


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