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colour changing hair dye t h e e s s e n c e f i r e is inspired by occult glamour a spell cast on somebody to make them see something the spell caster wishes them to see t h e u n s e e n have developed the world’s first colour changing hair dye this color changing hair dye is going to be the next big we ve see a lot of wild hair color trends lately including lisa frank hair light brite hair and succulent hair but this new color changing hair dye just might be the coolest thing yet it color changing hair dye is here what is "fire" color shopbop is having an amazing sale right now color changing hair dye is here and it s pure magic it s like a mood ring for your head by gina mei feb 20 2017 if you find yourself color changing hair dye if you re a hair dye addict who can never settle on just one color this new formula is about to cast a spell on you lauren bowker a visualization scientist and self professed witch has science solves another teenage dream color changing hair the dye is responsive to the wearer’s environment changing color based on temperature fluctuations e of them is black when cold changing to red when hot for instance there’s also a the colour changing hair dye that s like a mood ring for this magical colour changing hair dye is like a mood ring for your do a hair dye that changes colour depending on your mood and body temp science just got way more fun color changing hair dye is the perfect product mashable but now with fire the color changing hair dye from the unseen you can save your mitment phobia for your relationships and will never be bored with your hair again .

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