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3C 4A Hair Hair type Pinterest

3C 4A Hair Hair type Pinterest source www.pinterest.com

how to wet look for naturals with kinky hair 3c hair hey hunnties finally i brought a tutorial to on ting the "wet look" for us girls with kinkier hair most of the wet looks e from girls with not so kinky hair so i hope y all wet pineapple stretch your naturally curly 3c 4a 4b hair pineapple wet natural hair overnight for beautifully stretched curls in the morning never leave the house with wet hair again products used kinky curly knot today ojon restorative smoothing various natural hair types – wavy curly and kinky mnhe type 3 & type 4 hair show a lot of similarities and mon factors for those who have type 3 hair or kinky curly hair it appears to be wavy when it is wet what 3c hair is and isn’t if you’re seriously confused about your hair type then just look at it in it’s driest and therefore most natural state i mean seriously doing anything else just doesn’t make any sense i mean seriously doing anything else just doesn’t make any sense the ly hair typing system article you ll ever need i use andre walker’s hair typing system and have 3c hair around the front perimeter of my hair from ear to ear the 4a is in the back from my ears down and the crown is 4b my hair is very soft and some parts are silky…however my hair is thin and fine this makes styling a breeze but i wear my hair in the same style because i don’t know what to do with my hair 7 reasons you can’t figure out your curl pattern if your hair does not clump into a consistent pattern while wet then you do not have natural curl definition and that is fine there is nothing wrong with your hair there is nothing wrong with your hair 3c hair and how to love it all things hair united states straight hair curly hair wavy hair 1a hair 3c hair—we should all feel confident with our unique style e of the newest innovations in hair care and styling is a category for hair with the hair type chart that has be e a game changer in terms of how women perceive their natural locks and how they approach curly hair care and styling thereafter .


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